Funding Opportunities

Collaborative Research Actions

In order to make progress against the Belmont Challenge and help deliver international collaboration, the Belmont Forum has agreed to develop Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs). CRAs will:

  • Address the Belmont Challenge priorities (i.e. societally relevant global environmental change challenges)
  • Lever Belmont Forum members existing investments through international added value
  • Bring together new partnerships of natural scientists, social scientists, and users

Many CRAs include a Call for Proposals. International consortia of researchers, consisting of partners from at least three of the participating countries, may apply for funding. Additionally, consortia should bring together natural scientists, social scientists, humanists and research users (policy makers, regulators, NGOs, communities, and industry). Under the Belmont Forum CRA Memorandum of Understanding, each Belmont Forum member funds researchers from their own country. Researchers from countries not participating in the Call may participate in a research project at their own expense.

Previously, the Belmont Forum has collaborated with the G8-HORCs (Heads of Research Councils of G8 Countries) and FACCE-JPI (Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change) to fund CRAs through an International Opportunities Fund.

Each CRA is implemented by a Theme Program Office (TPO) in a Belmont Forum member country. Calls are overseen by a Group of Program Coordinators (GPC), consisting of one representative from each of the members participating in the call.

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