International Group of Funding Agencies for Global Climate Change Research


Climate Services aim at providing more reliable climate information for the near future (months to decades) relevant for local and regional users. Within this broad context, variability of polar and tropical systems affects a large proportion of the world population.

This call aims to contribute to the overall challenge of developing climate services with a focus on inter-regional linkages role in climate variability and predictability. Major impediments indeed still exist having efficient climate services at regional and local level, because of little or poorly understood climate processes (in part caused by a paucity of observations), inadequate dissemination of scientific knowledge, conflicts between climatic and non-climatic stressors and lack of action by decision makers and the human society at large.

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This call aims to foster research on climate, environmental, and related societal change in mountain regions, considering new measurements, recovery of existing data, and the development and use of integrated modelling strategies by adopting a strong trans- and inter-disciplinary approach.

Pre-proposals are due 1 June 2015.

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Efforts supported by this international call will unite the expertise of natural science, social science, and stakeholders to build collaborative teams, synthesize available information, and develop research capacity to address one or more key themes in resilience in the Arctic: the interactions of the natural and living environment; the built environment and infrastructures; natural resource management and development; and governance.

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